This Moment in Time

What’s going on in the world right now is something beyond our understanding. We can come up with several theories, conspiracies (for some) , or rationalize in whichever way that suits us. The fact of the matter is, we feel it in our bodies, in our minds, our emotions, and see it in our daily reality.

Everything is changing. Nothing is the same. Every moment is new.

Sounds like some yogic mantras, and positive affirmations to me!

Let’s break it down now.

This situation has taught us that reality is ever changing. You might think, we knew that already. Indeed, we did know that already, in our heads, intellectually perhaps, but did we feel it? Did we know it in our hearts? Did we live it everyday and in every moment as we are doing it right now? Perhaps some will answer Yes (Good for your guys! You beat us to it!) and perhaps some will answer No (join the Late Bloomers Club) whatever your answer was… Yes, everything is changing, and we are realizing that directly now, more than we ever did before this Pandemic, because it’s not only on a personal individual level, but on a family & friends level (I Miss Hugs!), community (I miss daratma!), country (Shaheed Park, definitely I Miss You!), and global level! (Travel anyone?)

Nothing is the same, and we will all have to adapt to a new normal, that involves less hugs most probably (not happy about that). We will have to change how we interact with others, we need to be mindful about our daily movements and be more compassionate and loving towards ourselves and others. The Struggle is Real, and our Courage & Fierce Love is even Realer.

Every moment rises & falls away. Time is a mind construct to structure our daily lives, but in actuality the past no longer exists. The future is not here yet, and we don’t know and can’t possibly know what will happen. The logical rational mind will tell us that there is only Here and Now. So, let’s allow our hearts to enjoy the moment. Feel and savor it, because really that’s all we have, this moment.

Right Now… As you are reading this. It’s a fresh new moment. Here it is again, a new moment! And Again…
Super mind blowing stuff… Every moment is new, independent, can be a completely clean canvas for you to start all over again.
So let us Breathe, Enjoy, and Flow… Because really, all we have is this precious life-filled, love-filled, beautiful moment.

Everything is changing. Nothing is the same. Every moment is new.

Powerful Transformative Times Indeed…

Much Love,
Shaikha xx