Healing Comes in Different Forms

Healing is not something intangible, that happens mysteriously without us understanding or knowing how it happened (although sometimes it does unfold like that.)

Healing comes in many different forms. It is anything that brings joy to our heart, awareness in our mind, and raises our consciousness. Understanding is healing. A smile, a hug, a yoga practice, a reiki session, a good talk with a close friend, these are all different forms of healing (and a few of our favorite things!)

At daratma we believe that as long as it nourishes your soul then it is healing, and that is why we provide a variety of healing methods. For your body, we offer yoga, functional training, dancing, manual therapy. For your mind & emotions, we offer meditation, visualizations, a silent sacred space to simply Be. Reiki sessions work on all different levels, enabling you to deeply relax, so that energy flows, and blockages are released, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The greatest healer of all… Nature. Just being outdoors, sinking our bare feet into the ground and feeling the deep let go of being One with Mother Earth. She is the greatest healer of all.

Yes, we do live in a desert here in Kuwait, and temperatures right now are soaring up to 50c, but that doesn’t mean we have to lock ourselves in AC controlled environments all the time; separating ourselves from Nature. Relax, unwind, the beach is right there, the salt water, the sand, the beauty of it all. Wait till the Sun falls just above the horizon and the Moon faintly begins to show itself in the sky; palm trees lazily swaying.

That’s the time to go out and commune with the beauty that just is.

Much Love & Light,